Intermodal transportation: The world in reach

Intermodal container transportations is a system of cargo delivery with the help of several types of transport, using the same container, without restuffing of cargo during transit. Today it is the most demanded kind of container transportations

The advantages of a modern intermodalshipments include:
      • The only One organizer, who is responsible for all the «links» of the transport chain;
      • Connection of various types of transport in one process perceived by the client as the uniform commercial transaction;
      • Using as a package universal containers, which exclude access to the goods without breaking the seal. Cargo follows from the shipper to the consignee in the same container that provides the maximum security of the goods from mechanical damages and environment influences;
      • Registration of the uniform transportation document.
Benefits of international transportation with «Container-Service»:
      • Individual transport logistics scheme design in accordance with the requests of each customer;
      • Optimal transit time of transportation;
      • A full package of services, including forwarding in the ports and customs clearance;
      • Responsibility for the contract terms at all stages of cargo transportation;
      • Close partnership with reliable transport companies, both within the country and abroad;
      • The Organization of the international “door to door” cargo transportation.

Attention! Cost and freight terms are always agreed with the customer in advance. Uncertainty is excluded!

Skilled professionals of “Container-Service” are always ready to work hard for maximum efficient intermodal transportation with minimum cost for customers!


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