International freight transportation: The whole world is easy-to-reach

International freight transportation is the most demanded service in logistics today. International shipping helps to establish successful cooperation between companies located in different countries as well as on different continents by selecting the best schemes and routes for cargo movement.

«Container-Service»: … and even around the World!

Freight transportation across Russia: …All the way to the borderlands

High-quality and prompt cargo shipping across Russia helps to make goods available. After all, the cheaper is the shipping component in the structure of the cost of goods, the better it for manufacturers and favorable for buyers. We deliver cargo of any degree of complexity to all regions of Russia.

«Container-Service»: In a responsible and just-in-time manner

Customs clearance: We will clear everything!

Experienced customs brokers will perform customs clearance of any type of cargo within the shortest possible period. We will register a participant of foreign economic activity. We will make a preliminary calculation of the customs payments.

«Container-Service»: Through customs — with no hassle! !


One responsible operator being in charge of delivery of cargo from point A to point B is the most advanced and rational approach towards cargo shipping. Container-Service Company will provide competent solution for even the most complicated logistics tasks. A team of professionals will ensure smooth operation, reliable delivery and error-free route selection!


Container shipping is an opportunity to ensure maximum safety for goods even when transporting them by various transportation means. There will be no rehandling of goods! Containers will be simply moved from the board of a vessel to a wagon/truck trailer, or vice versa.

Container shipping with Container-Service: quickly, of high standards and efficiency and no losses.