International shipping: The whole world is in access

International shipping is the most demanded logistics services today. Selecting the optimal solutions and delivery routes of cargo, international shipping help to build a successful cooperation between companies not only in different countries, but also across continents.

«Container-Service»: … and even around the World!

Shipping across Russia … To most suburbs

Qualitative and efficient cargo transportation across Russia helps to make goods accessible. After all, the more economical transport component in the cost structure of the goods – the better for the producers and cheaper for customers.

We are delivering goods of any complexity in all regions of Russia.

«Container-Service»: Responsibly and precisely in time

Customs clearance: We will creal all!

Skilled and qualified customs brokers in the minimum terms will execute customs clearing of any kinds of cargoes. We will register the participant of foreign trade activities. We shall make preliminary calculations of all custom payment of the sum of customs payments.

«Container-Service»: Through customs — without problems! !


One responsible operator who is responsible for delivery of cargo from point A in point B – the advanced and rational approach to transportation of cargoes.

Company «Container-Service» will provide the competent decision even the challenges in logistics sphere. The staff of professionals will organize accurate work, safe delivery and a faultless choice of a route!


Container transportations are possibility to provide the maximum safety of cargoes even at transportation by their various types of transport. No overload of the goods will exist! Containers will simply move from a vessel board on the car / on the lorry trailer, or on the contrary.

Container transportations with the company «Container-Service»: quickly, qualitatively, lost-free.