«Container-Service»: A little bit about us

The company «Container-Service» is in the market of container cargo transportation for five years. 

For a relatively short time, the company has managed: 

      • to Develop strong partnerships and conclude direct contracts with reliable transport companies — shipping, rail road, trucking — both in Russia and in other countries.
      • to Adjust technology of efficient and safe transportation, including international ones, as well as cargo forwardingat any step of delivery.
      • to  Pick up a group of people who are able to work  professionally, in a high quality, with a soul and take full responsibility for every decision.
      • to Gain experience of successful cooperation with customs.
For services to every customer of «Container-Service» there are always:
      • Individual work style and custom-made logistics solutions;
      • Flexible and democratic pricepolicy;
      • Knowledge of nuances of the Russian and international legislation regulating the relations in sphere of a cargo transportation;
      • A guarantee of timeliness of shipments and uninterrupted delivery of cargoes on optimum routes.
Main goals of company «Container-Service»:

To Make the world is more accessible, trade it is more favorable and a container cargo transportation it is more reliable and more attractive.

The copmany has all resources to realize plans of their clients.

The company «Container-Service»: We make the distance to be shorter

Our Phone: +7 (423) 230-2262